Marlo Lorenz, THRO Founder

About Our Founder

THRO founder and president Marlo Lorenz always had a love for fashion.

She began her career in the industry immediately after graduating from Manhattan’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology with a concentration in fashion and marketing, working in New York City’s famous Garment District.

There, she often came into contact with opulent materials that captured her imagination. As a designer, she found herself moved by the mood-enhancing power of color; as a tactile person, she loved how fabric could instantly warm up a house.

Realizing that accent pillows and throw blankets were the single-most affordable way to indulge yourself and make your home uniquely yours, Marlo channeled that fascination with textiles into stylish pieces for her own space. It wasn’t before long that she was testing her home décor designs on the mass market, leading to the formal launch of THRO in 1999.

Today, as a part of NBG Home since 2014, she continues to lead in this space. Together with her team, THRO designs fashion-forward, functional, and decorative accessories that bring warmth, happiness, and radiance into homes across the country at price points as attractive as the products themselves.


Marlo Lorenz is the visionary behind the brand, the glitter that makes it pop … but behind her is a team of fabulously talented, immensely passionate, and completely dedicated professionals who feel as she does: that your home should only be filled with things you love.

Over 40 in-office employees work hard every day to bring you the finest quality materials and embellishments from around the world and marry them with vibrant, stylish design at an affordable price point.

Nicole Koprowski: Director of Production

Nicole Koprowski

Director of Production

Corinne Avellan: Director of Sales

Corinne Avellan

Director of Sales

Babita Sethi: Director of Analytics & Processes

Babita Sethi

Director of Analytics & Processes